Here is a little about iHeartart Signs…

We are a team of  four, Deb (owner), Dad (Richard), Abby (best friend/idea guru), and Sarah (best friend/#1 sales girl), without them there would be no Heart in iHeartart!

A long long time ago Deb was 17 years old when she picked up her first paint brush, she asked for a paint set for Christmas.   She then followed her dream to art school at Pa College of Art and Design in downtown Lancaster, Pa and majored in Graphic Design and minored in Photography. After two years of art school Deb took a ten year break from creating and joined the work force. She worked as a Retail Merchandising Manager for fifteen years. Then one day Deb got the idea to make her own sign because she simply couldn’t find what she was looking for. Finally thats when Deb started making signs from pallets in the fall of 2016 and was selling them out the back of her trunk.   As her following grew and she was running out of time to complete orders she decided to quit her retail career and take a chance on a dream. Not only did she take a chance, but her father supporter her a helped her.

Dad cuts all the beautiful wood you see, he is an amazing craftsman that has an eye for measuring. We have worked out a deal that he is not allowed to paint and Deb is not allowed to cut wood!

Then there is Abby, Deb’s long time friend from middle school.  Abby is an amazing mom that works full time, and part time for iHeartart. You’ll see Abby at Kiosk and also workshops since it was her idea that she helped me bring to life.

Last but not least there is Sarah, everyone loves Sarah. She is my #1 sales girl for the 2017 holiday season, she will sell you a sign in the snow and freezing temperatures.  Sarah is also a mom and has five hundred jobs and still has time to help Deb out at events and the kiosk.

Thank you everyone for reading and supporting Deb’s dream she is forever grateful for EVERYONE who has helped her along her journey!






Royersford, Pa